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Locality: US Virgin Islands
Abstract: The following is a list of plant species of concern, followed by a comprehensive list of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals that have been recorded within the U.S. Virgin Islands. A fully comprehensive list of plant species is not available. The list presents the statutory status under federal (USFWS Endangered Species Act) and territorial (Virgin Islands Endangered and Indigenous Species Act) legislation. The local status is based on a revision of the existing legislation as a process of developing the CWCS. At the time of submission of the CWCS, the revised list was not yet approved into legislation. The comprehensive list also identifies levels of local management concern. Statutory and management status are not necessarily equivalent; federally listed species may be locally abundant without requiring particular management effort, while non-listed species may be under threat locally.

Statutory Status = legal protection afforded by USFWS Endangered Species Act or VI Endangered and Indigenous Species Act (status under the existing territorial legislation is shown in parenthesis where different from the proposed revised status). FE = Federally Endangered. FT = Federally Threatened. LE = Locally Endangered. LT = Locally Threatened. LSC = Local Special Concern. LDD = Locally Data Deficient. LCP = Locally Peripheral. LCT = Locally Controlled. LNP = Locally Not Protected (Exotics). For an explanation of categories see Appendix

Management Concern = Species requiring management actions within USVI. GC = Species of Greatest Concern; those species requiring significant research, monitoring, and/or restorative effort for populations and/or habitats to recover populations sufficient to ensure long-term sustainability. C = Species of Concern; species requiring research, monitoring, and/or restorative efforts for populations and/or habitats to maintain population levels to ensure long-term sustainability. LC = Species of Lesser Concern; species that would benefit from research, monitoring, or restorative efforts for populations or habitats to maintain current population levels. I = Introduced species; species requiring monitoring to determine impact and distribution spread. IM = Introduced species of management concern; non-native species requiring research, monitoring, and control to reduce impacts on native species. EX = Extirpated; species no longer present within the USVI.

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Roystonea borinquena O.F. Cook - Puerto Rican Royal Palm
Vanilla barbellata Rchb. f. - Leafless Worm Orchid